Ironman Chattanooga 70.3

Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report


Well, I got it done. That pretty much sums up my experience at the 2016 IM Chattanooga 70.3.  It was a disappointing race on many levels, but I was able to draw out a few positives, which will continue to motivate me moving forward.

Thank you to Tori and Cassidy for the sacrifices they make in allowing me to continue to pursue this sport at an elite level. Thank you to my Dad for the company on the trip, and to my friends and family for their constant support win or lose.  Thanks also to Dave, my coach, for guiding me over the past half a year and getting me into the best triathlon shape of my life.  Now to the race:


Might be hard to tell, but I’m guessing I was right in between the very large first wake and the second slightly smaller wake of swimmers.

Swim (26:10) 17th Overall

I knew I had to start off this race flat out and hang with the group as long as I could. The race started, and I made it perhaps 2 or 3 minutes behind the last guy in the big group before I lost contact.  The compounding factors that made this so disappointing were how large the group was (ended up being 14 guys) and how quickly I lost contact after intentionally starting out at/over the red line.  Two guys passed me shortly after (I probably owe them an apology because they were probably on my feet and lost the group because of me).  They came through and I could follow them, but then the lead swimmer started swimming off line, so I took a tangent.  By the time they got back, they had gained several body lengths on me.  I pushed hard again, but could not regain the space that had opened up.  So there was my swim.  I did basically the remaining mile solo trying desperately to catch a couple guys working with each other 30 seconds up the river.


Bike (2:13:02) 11th Overall

So for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen a fiberglass solution for my between the aerobars water bottle holder. I was quite proud of myself, and after testing it out a couple days before the race, I was confident it would do the trick.  Within a mile of starting the bike, I hit a bump in the road, simultaneously launching my rear bottle from its cage and cracking the fiberglass in half, rendering its capability of securing holding a bottle useless.  So as I’m figuring out what to do with my front bottle, I notice my rear bottle was gone (which turned out to work perfectly, because I just put the front one in the rear cage, but also eliminated a perfectly good bottle of EFS Pro that I was counting on).  Once I got everything cleaned up and reorganized, I got to work.  I caught two guys within the first 10 miles, and then averaged catching a guy about every 10 miles after that.  The course was certainly hillier than Williamsburg, but I felt comfortable on my Diamondback and was able to stay aero.  The last guy I passed was Thomas Gerlach from the US Pro Tri team, right before the long descent out of the town of Chickamauga.  I pushed as hard as I could all the way back on the flat section heading back into Tennessee.  He was riding well, and was able to stay with me.  Between miles 45 and 50 I just hit a wall, and the power dropped pretty drastically.  Gerlach repassed me, and I just tried to stay within contact until we arrived to T2.  Left quad really tightened up on the way back into town, so I spent the last miles trying to work it out in preparation for the run and trying to stay in close contact with Gerlach so that I had someone to start of the run with.  Uploading the power file to the coach was not fun, because I have had MANY workouts with much better quality riding in them.  I can ride much better than I did today.


Run (1:17:47) 10th Overall

Immediately starting off on the run, I had to continue to work out that sharp tightness in my left quad. Not sure why, but it just set the stage for a run that I would consider average at best. Considering how I’ve felt on many of the brick runs I’ve done in training, I would consider this baby below average.

Working out the legs a bit
Working out the legs a bit

It took me just over 2 miles to reel back Gerlach to reclaim 10th.  From there I tried to reclaim the legs I’ve had in training sessions, but they never appeared.  I was apparently slowly gaining on several of the guys ahead of me, but for the remaining 10 miles I never got within a minute of anyone.


Looked solid on the run, but legs just would not move any faster today
Finishing Chute
Finishing Chute

So I continued my streak of never finishing out of the top 10 in a professional triathlon race, but it wasn’t the result that I know I’m currently capable to producing.  Maybe a little rust, maybe the loss of some of the nutrition on the bike played a factor, maybe just not my day, not quite sure.

What I do know is that by earning a result like this last year I would have been quite pleased with myself against this kind of field. Not this year.  Not with the work I’ve put in.  Not with the knowledge and confidence that I can do better.  So I guess that “reframing of my mental outlook” is a shift that I can build on.

The massage hurt oh so good
The massage hurt oh so good


I have several goals that stem from this race:

  1. Do well enough in a major triathlon so that the editors at spell my last name correctly. When making the summary results list, my name has been spelled incorrectly 2 out of 3 times. I guess it probably doesn’t make much difference for the guy who finishes 6th or 7th or 10th. So Slowtwitch, I see what you’re doing there. Kudos for providing some additional motivation.
  2. Keep working on the swim. Maybe it’s changing, and it’s just not there. The swim continues to be my Achilles heel of triathlon, even at the 70.3 distance. I swim a minute and a half faster and all of a sudden I put myself into the bike race with a decent amount of company. Most of that minute likely needs to be made in the first 500 meters, though, as I barely had a chance right out of the gate and swam my race practically solo for the last mile.
  3. I’m a bit conflicted about this one, because I believe being humble and quietly confident is who I am and is one of my strengths, but maybe, just maybe I need to be a bit more aggressive about talking the talk so that I can actually walk the walk. I certainly run the risk of looking and sounding like a total idiot, but I know I can compete with the upper tier of guys in long course triathlon.

The new one piece Snapple tri suit was amazing today, my Diamondback Serios was quick and responsive, even when my legs weren’t, my Xterra speedsuit got me through the water, and I wish I had been able to use more of that delicious and effective EFS Pro Lemon Water!

3 Replies to “Ironman Chattanooga 70.3”

  1. Great writeup! Didn’t realize the mishap on the bike – but hoping that this race made you hungry with a still-awesome result! Can’t wait to see what the remainder of the year brings!

  2. Adam, great report- we are always our own worst critic! It’s hard to see what others see- I see a committed and incredibly talented triathlete and coach who totally rocked this race! I also see a coach who has inspired so many and for me, improved my performance and changed my life, really. Chin up! Onward to the next race and challenge!

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