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Maritime 8k Race Report

After cramping up in my season opener at the Love Rox Half Marathon, completing the last eight miles of the race in damage control, I looked to find another race before Boston where I could create a positive experience.  Since several of my athletes were racing the One City Marathon, I decided that jumping in the Maritime 8k, which took place in conjunction with the marathon, would be the perfect opportunity.

Honestly, time and place were not the most important things for me this time out.  Goal number one was to take steps towards being able to race without cramping up.  So I just decided to change all sorts of things leading up to the race.  I didn’t stress about eating a specific pre race meal, I changed the foods I ate for breakfast, I decided to race in Mizuno Sayonaras instead of my Nike Lunar Racers and Saucony Kinvaras, and I changed my warm up routine, starting 15 minutes later than usual, leaving less time between the end of my warm up jog and the start of the race.  Even if my cramping issues were just mental, making all of these changes might relieve some of the mental tension that was created every race as well.

From a racing perspective, the experience was fairly unremarkable.  My strategy going in was to start very conservative.  After talking with Ryan Carroll before the race, I knew he was just doing a race pace workout, so I knew he was essentially running with an effort cap.  I started off very easy with the pack, Ryan Carroll took off and created a 15 meter gap through the mile.  Once we went up and down the on and off ramps to Interstate 664, I steadily increased the pace and caught Ryan around mile two.  I kept my foot on the pedal and opened up a sizable gap over the next mile.  At mile four, the lead bike let me know I had about a 200m buffer, so I was confident that I could shut it down in the last mile without fear that he would be making up a 30 second gap.

So I didn’t really have to race for the win, but I did not cramp up which was great news!  I was also happy to have won the race, of course, and I was pretty happy with my time of 26:00.  The Sayonaras may not be the fastest and lightest racing shoes on the market, but they did the job.  Definitely a much better experience than my first race of the season!


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