4 comments on “Rev3 Williamsburg

  1. You did just fine Adam. Everyone has to take their first step and getting a podium position on your first pro venture is a pretty big accomplishment. You saw your strengths and weaknesses along the way and can improve on them for your next outing. Rare is the first time pro that smokes the field on their first outing even if they are on their home field. Awesome job.


  2. Hey, just a note to say congrats and tell you how proud we all are of you and your efforts and success. And we are eager to hear from you and learn from your experiences!! Please keep sharing.

    Good luck!!


  3. Again, congratulations Adam. You are used to hard work and I know you will continue to improve so that those pros will learn your name and your ability and you will eventually strike fear in their hearts!!! Keep up your good work! Aunt Carla

  4. Way to go Adam! I think you did awesome for you first Pro race! With your determination, you will go far! I’m with Aunt Carla, you will strike fear int the hearts of others soon! Welcome to the Pro’s newbie!! Aunt Carol

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