TRI-MANIA Team Challenge

TRI-MANIA Team Challenge


Team Snapple returned in full force to defend its overall title in the TRI-MAINIA team challenge.  There was a huge turnout from members of the Snapple National Team, Snapple DC Tri Team, and Snapple Club Teams.  I’m going to write about my experiences with the teams I was a part of, but before I start, I want to congratulate all Snappletes on a job well done.


The Running Company Campus Dash 5k


The day started off with a challenging run across Georgetown Prep’s golf course.  Matias, Andy and several of the Rip It Events competitors took the race out hard from the start, and I settled in and gradually moved up towards the pointy end of the race.  After two laps around the track, the course hit the grass.  Did I mention I wore spikes?  For the first time since college!  Around a mile into the course there was a long, steep climb, and one of the Rip It runners blasted up it.  I took a more cautious approach uphill, but when I reached the top, I decided to hit the gas and make the race.  The gap opened up, I found a smooth rhythm, and I maintained it.  Upon finishing, I turned around to see Snapple teammates Matias and Andy rolling in like they owned the place in 2nd and 3rd.  Once Jenny sped through, we knew we had opened up a decent lead in the team event.  Great start to the day!


TRI-MANIA 5k Warm Up
Previewing the course
TRI-MANIA leading the way 5k
Team Snapple leading the way
TRI-MANIA 5k 1 mile
Go Time!
Can’t remember what I was more excited about at this point: winning the race, Snapple going 1-2-3, or knowing that I was going to make it 5k in spikes without my calves falling off.


The Bonzai Relay Team Swim Challenge

It was my first open swim race since summer swim team in high school, and I could feel that 14 year hiatus as I practiced some block starts.  As the “A” team absolutely smashed the 4x300yd relay, Mindy, Joe, Katie, and I had a hard fought battle to finish on the podium.  Mindy led off strong, I took the second leg with my main goals of:

1.  Not losing my goggles as I jumped off the blocks

2. Finishing within 5 seconds of my seed time of 3:25

I ended up swimming a 3:21, which I was happy with, and Joe and Katie closed really well and netted our team a 3rd place finish overall.


Feeling more and more like a fish.
Feeling more and more like a fish.

The Bonzai 10k Computrainer TT

I’ll have to say that I think there is truly a learning curve when it comes to racing on the computrainer.  On power tests, I’m confident that I can find a gear and cadence and just stick it on my fluid trainer.  When riding outside I can anticipate when gear changes are necessary, so I can keep a relatively similar tension on the pedals through the test.  This was different.  I could see a basic outline of the course, but the small undulations took me out of my “uncomfort” zone enough where I couldn’t quite get to a place where I could keep consistent power.

Having said that, I had an absolute blast.  I loved riding the Computrainer, and I know that it must be a powerful training tool.

Matias, Katie, Lucas and I teamed up for this event, and Lucas jumped out to an early lead in the first minute.  I’d say for the next 10 minutes I spent about 75% of my focus on my Garmin and 25% on the Computrainer screen tracking my overall progress.  I stayed about 5-10 seconds behind Lucas throughout, with Matias charging within earshot.  Lucas was riding super, and with a mile to go I put it all out there trying to make up the gap.  About a minute later I received a message “Bridge to Engine Room — We need more power!”.  Unfortunately I was all in, and that was that.  I stopped the clock at 15:01, sandwiched between Lucas who won the heat in 14:50, and Matias who kept the pressure on and ended at 15:15.  Katie sealed our overall title finishing in 16:55.


Doing work.
Doing work.

It turned out to be an extremely close battle between Snapple and Rip It, as we won the team title by a scant 25 seconds after almost two and a half hours of racing.  Never take anything for granted!




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